It’s the Power that Makes the Taste Roaring Dragon is the only wok burner with the right power for authentic wok cuisine, combining genuine Chinese jets with German technology for safety and quality. All Roaring Dragon wok burners have unbelievable 24kW power and German connection and control technology, which is CE certified. They guarantee the only power on the European market for authentic wok cuisine – and at the same time the highest level of safety and the highest quality standards. Roaring Dragon Wok burners are stable, durable and reliable tools for catering professionals and home cooks alike. Roaring Dragon wok burners are not impromptu scaffolding and can easily carry heavy loads. Their professional aesthetics also make them sound and valuable. The individual burner heads and wok burners, which are not integrated in tables or racks, are the same as those used in the tables: highest quality – with the highest performance of 24kW and certified safety technology.
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